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Friends of the Family Home Health Care Services

Alzheimer’s Care and  Senior Care Services in Sylvania, Ohio

If you or someone you know is in need of home care assistance in the Sylvania, Ohio area, the best place to call is Friends of the Family Home Health Care at (734) 274-5764. We have been in business for ten years, and take pride in the fact that we go above and beyond in every aspect to ensure people in need receive quality, compassionate and dependable care in their own homes. Our reputation in the community is excellent, and we have A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau and the Home Care Standards Bureau.

Simply give us a call so we can discuss exactly what it is that you’re looking for. One of the things that separates us from other home care services in the Sylvania, Ohio area is our one hour minimum to 24-hour care. We have the capability to offer companion care, respite care, meal preparation, dementia care, customized housekeeping, and RNs and LPNs for higher acuity needs.

Our guaranteed shifts, 24 hour a day, seven day a week management availability, and continuity of care is incredibly important to the people we help, and we are more than happy to accommodate even the smallest request.

From the little things like playing games and companionship to larger needs like Alzheimer’s and ALS care, we will perform our duties to the best of our ability and build a relationship based on trust and respect. We consider it an honor to be of service to anyone that needs our help, and we take very seriously our role in people’s homes.

Whether you’re in your own home, a facility, or in medical or non-medical care, we will come to you where you need us. This even includes pet care if you would like.

In the Sylvania, Ohio area, the only place you need to call for home care services is Friends of the Family Home Health Care at (734) 274-5764.

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