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Dementia Care

Certified Dementia Support and Memory Care Specialists in Sylvania, Ohio

We invite residents of Sylvania and neighboring cities with the most exceptional dementia care facility. If you find yourself in need of a team that is compassionate, honest and professional, we are the team for you.

If you loved one is currently suffering from dementia, you may feel hopeless, seeking answers, and in need of help. Allow our team of professionals to assist you in providing your loved one with the best dementia support groups, and care services.

Each of our certified and highly knowledgeable staff is guaranteed to provide your loved one with the most exceptional dementia care at home. We work around your specific needs to provide you with the best service for your loved one.

When you have a loved one with dementia, they will experience a decline in mental ability, that interferes with their day to day life. They begin to lose their memory, their thinking skills, and this can all become very difficult for loved ones to deal with.

While we love caring for our loved ones this every day task can become a burden, overwhelming, and emotionally draining. Allow our professionals to provide you with dementia support to help you deal with this terrible disease.

We are proud to offer our clients with up to 24-hour dementia care services. This hourly service can be dependant on your loved one’s specific needs.

Our team will begin each relationship with an assessment with the client's family, the abilities of the clients, what they need from our staff and so on. We have a certified dementia specialists on staff at all times, to provide you with reassurance and security.

Rest assured that when you are in need of a compassionate and dependable professional to provide you with dementia home care and dementia care facilities. Each of our superior staff members is guaranteed to provide you with the best service.

If you are living in the Sylvania area speak with us today at (734) 274-5764, and learn more about our memory care services, and dementia support groups.

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